The Name of the Game

The BIG GAME is so much more than just a game! ...This is a celebration! 

How many friends and family do you know who will attend a party on this day when they probably haven't watched an entire quarter football the whole season?

To make the most of your party, and keep everyone happy and engaged, make your BIG GAME party into a gaming extravaganza. Here are some suggestions:

BIG GAME PARTY Fun and Games:

What will happen during the big game? Answer the questions before kick-off and watch it all unfold.

What will happen during the big game? Answer the questions before kick-off and watch it all unfold.


    • Type up a quick survey for guests to complete when they arrive with fun questions about the day:
      • "Who will be the MVP?"
      • "What will be the most popular commercial?"  "How many times will that commercial play?"
      • "Who will the coach thank first?"
      • "Who will fall asleep watching the game?"
      • "What color of Gatorade bath will the coach receive?"
      • ...ask whatever questions might appeal to the humor of your guest list!
    • Keep track of the scores and give a little prize for the overall winner - or the best seat in the house for your next get-together.


    • Get some yellow and red fabric squares to fill with sand and let your guests throw the 'penalty flags' at their discretion during the game. This can be a lot of fun!

    • This is pretty self-explanatory, but throw a twist in it:
      • Name the Commercial:
      • Rate the following on a scale of 1-5
      • Did you like the commercial? Why or why not
      • Was it memorable?
      • Was it unique?
    • Vote on a favorite commercial at the end of the game. If your guests matches yours - hand them a bag of goodies - or even some yummy left-overs for Monday's lunch.

    • Keep the mood lively with these printable Bingo cards
    • Give out fun trinkets to each winner or rotate to the most comfortable seat in the house - think of something creative!


    • Another activity that will keep everyone's attention down to the last 'hike' is the score predictor chart. Fill in each space with a different guest name. When the game is over, who ever's name tiles matches up with the last numbers of each teams score WINS! 


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