The School Year is Coming to and End!

The school year and coming to and end. Kids are ecstatic, and parents are most likely happy that the homework is over. However, now you're going to be feeding your kids and half the neighborhood on a routine basis. 

The solution is easy...stock up on MaMa Rosa's pizzas and Mini MaMa's to keep them fueled up all summer long. They are easy for kids to make one at a time, or feed the whole gang.

Find out where to you buy! Have a great summer!

Celebrate the Big Game February 7, 2016

The Big Game is just around the corner. Whether your team has made it to the final game, or they didn't even make the wild card game, getting friends and family together for the big game is always a fun time. Over the next week we'll be posting fun ideas and great tips to help you throw a bash not to be forgotten.

First things first, invite your guests. Here are some things to consider when planning your guests list:

  1. How many guests can comfortably fit in your space?
  2. Do your guests know one another, or have something in common that will allow for good conversation. Don't be afraid to mix groups, just be mindful of
  3. Decide whether this is an adult or a family affair. If you, or your friends have children in their home, decide ahead of time and make it clear on who is all invited to your Big Game celebration.

So, get on and invite those guests! Don't grab your phone and send a mass text, set the tone for a fun-filled bash with some printed or virtual invites.

Whether you hand-deliver, snail mail or send through cyber space, these invites will will be sure to bring a smile to your guests face and get the ball rolling on your best big game party yet.

Stay tuned for our next posts on planning the party and menu. For inspiration, visit